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Take a new look at UVA Care Connection.

If there's anybody who deserves preferred access to the top minds in medicine, it's our employees. Getting care should be easier and faster, with choices for how you schedule an appointment. And it should be more affordable and more accessible. That's exactly what UVA Care Connection is all about. And it's better than ever.

We listened. And we've changed UVA Care Connection to better meet our employees' healthcare needs. Now, evening and weekend hours have been extended with select service providers to accommodate your busy schedule. And with so many locations throughout the community, there's sure to be a clinic that's convenient to where you live.


UVA Care Connection provides instant access to a suite of benefits for faculty, staff and employees, as well as family, and it's better than ever. There's no signup involved. All benefits are available to you as employees, faculty and staff. To take advantage of it, simply call 434.243.3675 to find a physician or schedule a convenient appointment. Check out the benefits that await you:

  • Extended and weekend hours at select locations to accommodate your schedule
  • A variety of clinic locations, convenient to where you live
  • Faster appointments guaranteed: With date, time and provider flexibility, we can offer appointments within 2 days for primary care, 3 days for radiology and 5 days for specialty care
  • Reduced copays for those participating in the UVA Health plans (Value Plan: $20 primary care/$40 specialty care; Choice Plan: $15/$30; Basic Plan: $0 Copay, since deductible must be met, see plan for details)
  • Ability to make appointments online at
  • Guaranteed return phone call in 24 hours to make an appointment Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM
  • Access to your medical records through UVA MyChart
  • A single number to call for all your healthcare needs: 434.243.3675

Take advantage of everything UVA Health System has to offer. After all, as a UVA employee, you deserve it.

My appointment was completely managed with the greatest of ease, professionalism and genuine concern for what I needed, as well as what worked with my schedule.